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Meet the Characters

Caitlin Diggs
An FBI Agent's Journal
'Blood Web'

I am brazen. I make decisions with my gut. I also happen to own the best conviction rate in the FBI. You wouldn't think I would be torn between grief and rage. Well I am. You see my partner and lover, Geoffrey McAllister, was killed in a sting operation a few months back and now I am desperate to find those responsible. But first I have to stop a serial killer supposedly empowered by a mysterious arrowhead shaped crystal - and that's becoming a problem - because I'm distracted. I'm seeing Geoffrey's death in my dreams - or should I say - nightmares. I see how he was killed - the vivid imagery haunts my waking hours - yet I cannot see the faces of the men responsible. I experience his pain, his anguish and most of all - his anger. I believe the FBI director knew Geoffrey would die in the sting. Somehow I feel Geoffrey realized this as well in his dying moments.

So now I try to pick up the pieces. Get on with my life. Take a new partner. But I already foresee conflict. Deondra Rivers is a rookie and her area of expertise is biochemistry. Under different circumstances her talents might be very useful in capturing our 'paranormal' killer. But here's the thing: Deondra Rivers doesn't believe in the paranormal - or keeping an open mind for that matter. I even suspect she thinks I am unstable. I have to admit my recent behavior does lend credibility to this 'theory.' Nevertheless, we're a team now. I have to forget about Geoffrey - for the moment. Forget about my haunting dreams and the killer's faces who remain masked in shadows - because right now a teen drifter is killing people, possibly even feeding on them to sustain his parasite - a crystal arrowhead he found in his travels.

A Cheyenne man tells me the crystal helped to save lives during the Sand Creek Massacre in the 19 th century. But now its ambition is twisted. It only seeks death because the world we live in is corrupt, polluted and diseased. I can only hope to return the crystal back to its hiding place - to put it back in its dormant state. Yet forensic reports tell me this will be quite difficult. The crystal seems to latch onto its hosts using them to create a biological Internet to track its victims. Still, I must take possession of it. Even it means my life. This is my job and despite losing Geoffrey - it always will be.

© 2014 Gary Starta. All rights reserved.