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I am excited to release the final chapter of Caitlin Diggs, 9 Incarnate, but equally excited to launch a new series called: Camden Investigations and a standalone novel: Dead Market.

My new series pairs ghost hunters and UFO chasers, unlikely compatriots, since the former usually sees apparitions lurking in corners while the latter sees aliens…

Iris Camden thought she knew who were family was even if they weren’t always forthcoming. Her half sister is a medium reeling from the loss of her biological mother. Her estranged father is an obsessed government worker who cannot reveal what he does. When an artifact appears in a ghost hunting expedition, Iris is the last person who wants to believe in aliens.

Consulting a UFO chasing scientist, Iris learns the artifact may be a defense system keeping Earth from falling under a hybridization plan. A species known as the Grey’s are thought to possess a light weapon capable of causing rapid evolution. The scientist Mitchell is certain such a theory could become reality. Yet Iris remains skeptical until her investigation unravels dark secrets about the two people she thought she could trust. Now Iris wonders if family or strangers are the more dangerous.

The first book COALESCENCE will be released by Driven Press in 2014.

Dead Market takes a look at Big Pharma and its drive to expand market shares. Could they accomplish this by creating zombies? Look for it from XOXO Press in 2014.

A pharmaceutical giant has run out of ideas to expand market shares. Men, women, the young and the old can no longer be depended upon to sustain a multibillion dollar company. But a manmade disease which alters the genetic makeup of humanity might be just what the analyst ordered. The disease causes its victims to die and reanimate, when they awaken they possess supernatural abilities and a ravenous hunger for human flesh. But a little blue pill will curb their nasty vices in response to an incurable – but highly treatable - prion-based disease. Or so greedy executives think, because unaccounted reanimates have been accidentally created and these living dead are in no mood to become a corporation’s new DEAD MARKET.

My thoughts on 9 INCARNATE:

About a half century ago, some claimed contact with the ‘9’, a faction of the ancient gods and goddesses of Egypt, thought to have made good on their promise to return. Channeling the ‘council of the nine’, the contacted believed these entities were the ancient gods from Sirius.

Obviously, there is no proof or disproof to determine these claims; yet the thought that the ancients, aliens – not gods – created our civilization and were now returning to influence our way of thinking intrigued me.

My fascination with the pyramids and how they were constructed also inspired me. I thought at least a fictional account should give some explanation for their construct, and possibly an account of what these ‘gods’ might be like if they did indeed return to our planet.

9 Incarnate, though fictional, does attempt to explain some of these mysteries. Conceivably, DNA stored in ice on a comet, might be resurrected to reproduce the genetic coding of ancient, space travelers. The fact that water contains information is not science fiction. Experiments proving water even reacts to our emotions has been conducted by Dr. Masuru Emoto who affected geometric crystals with thought. Kind words or thoughts like ‘I love you’ birthed pretty, geometric patterns in the crystal. Ugly emotions resulted in horrible patterns. A monk was said to have turned polluted water into drinkable liquid via thought. These experiments give credence to epigenetic outcomes, meaning we may influence our environment with our actions and thoughts.

Vibrations may be responsible for these fascinating results as it seems to be concerning acoustic levitation, probably necessary to move heavy mega-ton stones into place. By emitting the right sound frequency, a note may be able to counter gravity and make a heavy object movable. It is thought that the construction of Coral Castle was initiated via some strange technology kept hidden by its maker in the 1930’s. Some speculate magnetism was at work since the creator supposedly worked alone to build structures with stones weighing even more than those used at the Great Pyramid at Giza.

FBI Special Agent Caitlin Diggs with the aid of a fringe scientist and a Wiccan partner must determine the real identity of the gods who return in 9 Incarnate. Their arrival coincides with a mass disappearance of demons. Could science or magic be responsible for what appears to be a mass abduction? Were these ancients capable of willing stones to move via magic or was there a more scientific reason as the character Claude Brahms argues?

What are our real origins? Can Diggs, sharing consciousness with a goddess named Isis, be capable of investigating the real intent of the Arrivals or is her otherworldly connection a distraction, or possibly even the means to make her a suspect in her own investigation?


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