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Short Stories

Hometown Weird

A collection of my short stories is now available.
Think your hometown's strange? Come take a visit to Cranburytown - a small New Jersey suburb overflowing with weird.

Includes eight strange stories.

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Alien Relations
2007 .

A new collection of my short stories   - Alien Relations - is now available for purchase at Seven stories of alien contact and intervention...

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Animal Instincts
(copyright 2006)

When a soul stealing building contractor literally gets away with murder, a Boston detective teams up with a cat - the lone witness to the man's crimes - in a desperate attempt to stop him.
Read the full story here>


The Sale of Bill
Science Fiction/Conspiracy (copyright 2005)

A reporter discovers scientists are in possession of alien technology when his wife uses it to save his life.
Read the story published in Neometropolis Magazine here>

Eye On The Prize
Paranormal (copyright 2006)

A woman becomes convinced she is insane when her prize-winning tulip begs her to kill the competition.
Read the story published in Dark Fire here>

Ripple In The Pond
Science Fiction (copyright 2006)

A shape shifter vows to make the American government work for the people but discovers aliens are in charge.
Read the story published in Silverthought here>


A cop learns the hard way that aliens love their pets just as much as humans.
Read this story included in the anthology: Tabloid Purposes IV>



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